Pricing - PREPAID Wireless Plans

Amount recharge
 Usage Allowance Expiry Days
        $20    1 Gb   (2.00 cents/Mb)
   2 Gb   (1.75 cents/Mb)     30
   4 Gb   (1.50 cents/Mb)
 10 Gb   (1.10 cents/Mb)
 15 Gb   (1.00 cents/Mb)
        Service Description
  • The Wireless broadband Internet is accessed using the existing mobile phone network. The access is done using a USB Wifi modem with a SIM Card in it and acts as a wireless antennae as well to receive the wireless signal. We use the Optus mobile network for this service.
  • The speed will be dependent on the strength of the wireless signal. It may increase or decrease depending on the actual location, whether it is low or high area and other environmental factors. 

Additional Wireless Charges and Pricing Fees

Wireless Setup Fees Price
Wireless SIM Activation Fee $20.00
Wireless Hardware Price
USB Pocket Wifi
Replacement SIM card $15.00
Additional information about the use and pricing
  • Payments can be made by automatic debit on credit card, BPAY or by cheque only. For BPAY payments, please use biller code 88849 and your account number as reference number. The account number is provided on the Tax Invoice sent via email.
  • Prepaid accounts, the expiry days is calculated from the date the recharge is done up to the number of days allowed.
  •  Tax invoice statements are sent to your IDXNET email address and must be retrieved by the user. It is also available on our website by using the "My Account" page. IDXNET is not able to send a paper invoice for the account.
  • All prices include 10% GST.
  • Any pricing offer more that one month must be taken in a continuous period. No break allowed in between.
  • All payments to a Prepaid account are non-refundable once the account is activated and used. Any unused portion of a Prepaid account is forfeited and no refund will be given.
  • Late payment fees of $5.50/month will be charged on accounts that are more than 30 days old.
  • Overdue and Final Demand notices that are posted to the customer will be charged at $5.50 per posting.
  • All accounts that are in default will be listed to our Credit Reporting agency and will have a listing fee of $55.00.

Wireless Additional Service Conditions
  • The definitions and interpretations are as defined on Item 1 of the IDXNET Standard Terms and Conditions.
  • Account is billed based on a calendar month and paid monthly in advance. If a customer terminates the Wireless service before the end of the calendar month, then the customer is still liable to pay the monthly fee for that calendar month.
    For example, customer disconnects the service on March 5, 2012, customer still has to pay the monthly fee for March 2012.
  • The usage allowance on the wireless service is the total of upload and download data. For billing purposes, 1,000,000 bytes is 1 Megabyte and 1,000 Megabytes is 1 Gigabyte (GB).
  • Usage allowance can not exceed more than 8GB per calendar month. Services exceeding more than 8GB in any given calendar month will be suspended until next calendar month.
  • Wireless broadband service supplied to the customer is based on a single stand-alone computer setup. IDXNET is not able to provide support on the setup and installation if the customer is installing the Wireless service as part of a network
  • Customer must check the wireless coverage areas to determine if the areas where the customer intends to use the service has available coverage. The coverage can be checked at this website:
  • Any fault on the Wireless service must be reported to IDXNET.
  • IDXNET can not guarantee the performance and quality of the Wireless service as this service depends on external conditions that are not controlled by IDXNET. The service may also be interrupted from time to time and customer accepts that IDXNET is not liable for any damages or problems that may occur as a result.
  • Customer can not assign, transfer or re-sell the Wireless service provided by IDXNET.
  • The Wireless service uses dynamic IP addressing system.