Pricing - ADSL2+ Plans

Plan Name Monthly Fee Download Excess  Minimum Charge
ADSL2-10$49.9510GB    ($5.00/Gb)
$4/GB  $709.40
ADSL2-60$54.9560GB    ($0.92/Gb)
$4/GB  $769.40
ADSL2-100$69.95100GB  ($0.70/Gb)
$4/GB  $949.40
ADSL2-200 $89.95 200GB  ($0.45/Gb)
$4/GB  $1189.40
ADSL2+ BUNDLED Includes Phone Line rental
Plan Name Monthly Fee DownloadExcess  Minimum Charge
ADSL2B-10$59.9510GB    ($6.00/Gb)
$4/GB  $829.40 *
ADSL2B-60$79.9560GB    ($1.33/Gb)
$4/GB  $1069.40
ADSL2B-100$89.95100GB   ($0.90/Gb)
$4/GB  $1189.40
ADSL2B-200$99.95200GB   ($0.50/Gb)
$4/GB  $1309.40
NOTE : * BUNDLED service of $59.95 is available only in limited areas where we have an OPTUS ULL service
             Above pricing apply for ZONE 1 areas eg Sydney Metro, Campbelltown, Penrith etc
             ZONE 2 areas like Newcastle, Wollongong extra $5/month
             ZONE areas are determined during service qualification of the phone number.

Service Description
  • ADSL2+ has a maximum speed of 20Mbits/sec download and 800Kbits/sec upload. The maximum speed is very rarely achieved and in most instances the speed achieved will be between 1.5Mbits/sec to 10Mbits/sec. Factors affecting your speed can be your distance from the telephone exchange, the condition of your phone line, the computer hardware and software you are using, the website you are downloading from, and the general network traffic.
  • The ADSL2+ service runs through your phone line service. You should not change anything on your phone line service because it might affect your ADSL2+ service. Please call us before you do anything with your phone line.
  • We use TELSTRA, Optus and TPG networks for our ADSL2+ service depending on availability and service capacity.

Additional ADSL Charges and Pricing Fees

ADSL2+ Setup Fees Price
ADSL2+ Line Activation $110.00
ADSL Hardware Price
4 port ADSL2+ compatible wireless
Additional information about the use and pricing
  • Payments can be made by automatic debit on credit card, BPAY or by cheque only. For BPAY payments, please use biller code 88849 and your account number as reference number. The account number is provided on the Tax Invoice sent via email.
  • Monthly billing is based on your anniversary date, i.e. if you join on February 25, 2000, the 25 of each month is your anniversary date.
  • Tax invoice statements are sent to your IDXNET email address and must be retrieved by the user. It is also available on our website by using the "MY ACCOUNT" page. Administration fee of $2.20/month will apply if customer requires the Tax invoice to be sent by post.
  • All prices include 10% GST.
  • Late payment fees of $5.50/month will be charged on accounts that are more than 30 days old.
  • Overdue and Final Demand notices that are posted to the customer will be charged at $2.20 per posting.

ADSL2+ Additional Service Conditions
  • The definitions and interpretations are as defined on Item 1 of the IDXNET Standard Terms and Conditions.
  • Minimum contract period is one (1) year. Contract starts from activation date of the ADSL2+ service. If the service is re-activated for any reason, then the contract starts from the latest activation date .
  • Customer accepts the following fees applicable
    • $110 Early termination fee if the service is disconnected within one year.
    • $275 Incorrect Call-Out fee as defined below
    • $11/month Fixed IP address
  • Data that is included with the ADSL2+ service is the total of data downloaded using the ADSL2+ service.  For billing purposes, 1,000,000 bytes is 1Megabytes (MB) and 1,000MB is 1Gigabytes (GB).
  • Account is billed monthly in advance and a copy of the tax invoice is sent to the customer's email address. The customer is responsible for retrieving this invoice. IDXNET will confirm with the customer the starting date of the service. The starting date will then be the anniversary date for billing purposes eg if starting date is August 28 2012, then the anniversary date is 28th of each month.
  • ADSL2+ modem is provided to the customer on a self-install basis. No onsite service is available. We will do our best to assist in supporting third-party equipment but we can not guarantee this support.
  • ADSL2+ service is supplied to the customer on a single stand-alone computer setup. IDXNET is not able to provide support on the setup and installation of the ADSL2+ service if the customer is installing it as part of a network.
  • Any fault on the ADSL2+ service must be reported to IDXNET. Customer is liable for any charges if the customer contacts other carriers or service providers like TELSTRA or OPTUS for assistance.
  • An incorrect Call-Out fee of $275.00 will be charged to the customer if the cause of the fault is within the customer's premises or if the customer has faulty equipment. The cause of the fault will be determined by the technician of the telecommunication carrier on site. Also, the Call-Out fee of $275.00 will be charged if the customer is not present during the appointment.
  • ADSL2+ modem provided by IDXNET has one-year return to base warranty.
  • Customer must own the telephone number linked with the ADSL2+ service.
  • IDXNET can not guarantee the performance and quality of the ADSL2+ service as the ADSL2+ service depends on a lot of external conditions that is not controlled by IDXNET. The service may also be interrupted from time to time and customer accepts that IDXNET is not liable for any damages or problems that may occur as a result.
  • Customer accepts that the installation and operation of the ADSL service may cause temporary disruption to the standard telephone service linked with the ADSL service. Customer accepts that IDXNET will not be liable from any damages or faults that may occur on the telephone service arising from the installation and operation of the ADSL2+ service.
  • Customer can not assign, transfer or re-sell any of the ADSL2+ services that is provided by IDXNET.
  • Customer must provide safe access to IDXNET or its representative to install, maintain, test, inspect or modify any of the equipment or telephone service associated or linked with the ADSL2+ service.
  • The ADSL2+ service is provided on a dynamic IP addressing system. There is a fee of $11/month per fixed IP address if required. The customer is required to apply for a fixed IP address and IDXNET will assign one if it is available.
Bundeld Service Additional Service Conditions
  • The ADSL2+ service is bundled with the phone line service. The customer must not disconnect the phone line service during the term of the contract. The ADSL2+ service is automatically disconnected if the phone line is disconnected or transferred to another service provider.
  • The customer can choose to have their mobile, national and international calls with another provider. However, the customer must ensure that the ADSL2+ service is not altered or disconnected when this is done. If the ADSL2+ service is disconnected and the customer is still within the contract period, then the customer will have to pay for the early termination fee and re-activation fee if required.
  • The call rates for the bundled phone line service are:                                                                                                
  •                 * Local call                18 cents      
                    * National call            11 cents/min to any  Australian number outside of the local area
                    * Mobile call              33 cents/min to any Australian mobile number
                    * 13 or 1300 calls       25 cents per call
                    * Voice mail               5.50/month
                    * Call ID display         5.50/month
                    * Silent number          3.30/month
                    * Business Directory    5.50/month
                    * International rates are available here ADSL2+ International Call Rates (.pdf document)
                    * All calls are billed per second with no flagfall or minimum charge

  • All faults on the phone service must be reported to IDXNET. The customer may be liable for any charges if the customer contacts other carriers such as Telstra or Optus for assistance.
  • The customer will not be able to call 0055, 190X or the Telstra Directory assistance numbers. For directory assistance, the customer must dial 1223. Cost will be determined on the services required.
  • Charges for special numbers or costs will be determined at the time the call is made. These numbers or calls are :
        * Operator assisted calls
        * Mobile Satellite calls
        * Special calling card calls
        * 0019 Faxline
        * The following phone features are not supported:
        * Fax Duet and FAXSTREAM
        * Line Hunt
        * Telstra 101 Facility